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INSC Meetings prior to 2017

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting September 27, 2016 during IAEA General Conference

Attendees (left-to-right):: William Burchill (INSC Chair, ANS), Ling-Huan Chiao (NEST), Marta Pahissa-Campa (AATN), Juan Eiberschutz (SNM), Nikola Cavlina (HND), Reginald Vachon (ANS), Jaime Pahissa-Campa (INSC 1st Vice Chair, AATN), Jean-Pol Poncelet (ENS, SFEN), Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ), Vladimir Slugen (ENS, SNUS), Valerie Faudon (ENS, SFEN), Bob Coward (ANS ), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS), Andrew Klein (ANS ), Bob Holmes (ENS, The Nuclear Institute), and Jooho Whang (KNS).

INSC Meeting

Presentation of 2016 Global Award

Presented to Dame Sue Ion, The Nuclear Institute, United Kingdom:
Award accepted on Dame Ion's behalf by Bob Holmes.
Pictured left-to-right: Jaime Pahissa-Campa (Chair, INSC Honors & Awards Committee), Bob Holmes (The Nuclear Institute), Bill Burchill (INSC Chair)

INSC Meeting

2016 Global Award

Presented to Dame Sue Ion, The Nuclear Institute, United Kingdom:
"For her brilliant trajectory as a nuclear engineering expert, for her commitment to finding a solution to the energy challenge, for her role in shaping the U.K.'s future energy policy by inspiring a realistic approach among the country's leaders, for her support for educational programs, toward strengthening the future workforce. Sue Ion represents U.K. nuclear science on the international stage."

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting April 19, 2016, at ICAPP 2016

Seated: Jaime Pahissa-Campa (LAS), INSC 1st Vice-Chair

Standing left-to-right: Marta Pahissa-Campa (LAS); Richard Denning (ANS), 2014 INSC Global Awardee; Jorge Spitalnik (LAS), INSC Past Chair; William Burchill (ANS), INSC Chair

Attending but not shown in picture: Eugene S. Grecheck (ANS), Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ), Poong Hyun Seong (KNS), Jan Van Erp (ANS), and Valerie Vasilievas (INSC Secretariat)

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting, November 10, 2015, during ANS Winter Meeting, Washington, DC, USA

Participants shown in picture(left-to-right): Poong Hyun Seong (KNS President), Peter Ozemuyah (CNSSNC 1st Vice President), Jan Van Erp (ANS), William E. Burchill (INSC Chair, ANS), Gabriel Calleros (SNM Vice President), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS-ANS), Wei-Wu Chao (NEST), Jean-Pol Poncelet (ENS Secretary General), Valerie Vasilievas (INSC Secretariat), Fred Boyd (CNS-SNC), Valerie Faudon (SFEN Director General), Jaime Pahissa-Campa (INSC 1st Vice Chair, AATN), Marta Pahissa (AATN), Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ), Bernard Jolly (SFEN), James Bunsen (ANS, Observer), Gustavo Alonzo (SNM), Kune Y. Suh (INSC Secretary-Treasurer, KNS), Gabriel M. DeBellefon (ANS, Observer), Oum Keltoum Bouhelal (ENIM, Morocco, Observer)

Participants not shown in picture: Eugene S. Grecheck (ANS President)

INSC Meeting INSC 25th Anniversary Recognition during ANS Winter Meeting Global Leadership Reception, November 7, 2015

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting, May 6, 2015 during ICAPP 15, Nice, France

Participants shown in picture:: Kune Y. Suh (KNS, INSC Secretary-Treasurer), William E. Burchill (ANS Past President, INSC Chair), Jan Van Erp (ANS), Valerie Vasilievas (ANS Secretariat), Reiko Fujita (AESJ President), Michaele Brady Rapp (ANS President), Jaime Pahissa-Compa (AATN President, INSC 1st Vice-Chair), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS/ANS, INSC Past Chair), Marta Pahissa-Compa (AATN), Juan Luis Francois (SNM), Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC Past Chair), Urtnasan Enkhtuvshin (MNS President), Sophie Perot (SFEN)

Participants not shown in picture:: Agustin Alonso (SNE Past President), Cecilia Martin del Campo (SNM Past President), Beernard Jolly (SFEN, INSC Past Chair), Robert Parker (ANA President), Mitja Ursic (DJS), Dumitru Serghiuta (CaNS), Staffan Qvist (SKS), Valerie Faudon (SFEN, ENS)

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting, November 11, 2014 during 2014 ANS Winter Meeting, Anaheim, CA, USA

Front Row left-to-right: Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC Chairman); Jaime Pahissa-Campa (AATN, INSC 2nd Vice Chairman); Valerie Faudon (SFEN/ENS); Konatsu Orihara (AESJ, INSC Secretariat)

Back Row left-to-right: Gene Carpenter (ANS); Wau-Kune Cheng (NEST); Jacques Plourde (CNS); Krish Krishnan (CNS); Satoshi Konishi (AESJ); Jorge Spitalnik (LAS/ANS); William Burchill (ANS, INSC 1st Vice Chairman); Santiago San Antonio (SNE/ENS).

Global Award Presentation

INSC Chairman Hisashi Ninokata presents the INSC 2014 Global Award to Richard S. Denning,
Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the Ohio State University.

Awardee and Officer

INSC Global Award Recipient with INSC Officers

Pictured left-to-right: Jaime Pahissa-Campa (INSC 2nd Vice Chairman), Hisashi Ninokata (INSC Chairman), Richard S. Denning (2014 Global Award recipient), William Burchill (INSC 1st Vice Chairman)

Global Award
INSC 2014 Global Award Certificate & Trophy
November 11, 2014 INSC Global Award

INSC Meeting

INSC Meeting, April 17 2014, during KAIF/KNS
Conference, Busan, ROK)

Front row: Heather Kleb (CNS)
Jaime Pahissa-Campa (AATN, INSC 2nd Vice Chairman),
Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC Chairman),
William Burchill (ANS, INSC 1st Vice Chairman)

Second row: Jorge Spitalnik (LAS/ANS
Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ),
Yong Ho Ryu (KNS),
Konatsu Orihara (INSC Secretariat)

INSC Meeting

Picture at INSC Meeting, (12 November 2013, Washington, DC, USA)

Standing (Left to right): Frank Doyle (CaNS)
Juan-Luis Francois (MNS)
John Harries (ANA)
William E. Burchill (ANS, INSC 1st Vice Chairman)
Wei-Wu Chao (NEST), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS)
Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ)
Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC Chairman)
Reggie Vachon (INEA/ANS)
Bernard F. Jolly (ENS/SFEN)
Seated: Jaime Pahissa-Campa (AATN, INSC 2nd Vice Chairman)

INSC Meeting

INSC (26 June 2013 meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Standing Left-to-right: Masashi Hirano (AESJ),
Rafael Ledesma (MNS), Ruth Soaréves (ABEN)
Mike Diekman (INSC Secretariat, ANS)
Shigeo Nomura (AESJ), William Burchill (INSC 1st Vice Chairman, ANS)

Seated Left-to-right: Hisashi Ninokata (INSC Chairman, AESJ)
Jaime Pahissa-Campa (INSC 2nd Vice Chairman, AATN)
Jorge Spitalnik (LAS)

INSC Meeting

LAS/ANS Symposium INSC Special Session Panel 1

Left-to-right: Julio Ricardo Barreto Cruz (CNEN, Brazil)
Masashi Hirano (Nuclear Energy Safety Organization, Japan),
Rafael Ledesma (SNM, Mexico)
William D. Magwood (NRC Commissioner, USA)
Ruben Navarro (ARN, Argentina)
Jorge Spitalnik (INSC session organizer, LAS, Brazil)

INSC Meeting

LAS/ANS Symposium INSC Special Session Panel 2

Standing Left-to-right:Jorge Spitalnik (LAS-ANS Symposium Technical Program Chair)
William Burchill (INSC 1st Vice-Chairman, Panel 2 Organizer & Chair),
Luiz Soares (LAS Chair)
Karl Heinz Poets (ENS)
Don Hoffman (ANS President)
Shigeo Nomura (AESJ President)

Seated: Jaime Pahissa Campa, (AATN President)
Panelist not in picture: Chengkui Liao (Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute, China)

INSC 2012 Global Award

Picture of 2012 Global Award presentation at INSC Meeting,
(10 November 2012, San Diego, CA, USA)

Left-to-right: Jaime Pahissa-Campa (AATN, INSC Secretary-Treasurer)
Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC 1st Vice Chairman)
Bernard F. Jolly (ENS/SFEN, INSC Chairman)
Chang Kun Lee (2012 INSC Global Award recipient)
Jorge Spitalnik (LAS, INSC Past Chairman)

2012 INSC Global Award

INSC Officials

INSC Meeting Attendees
(June 26, 2012. Chicago, USA.)

Seated (Left to Right): John Roberts (CaNS)
Jaime Pahissa-Campa (AATN, INSC Secr-Treas)
Bernard Jolly (ENS, INSC Chair)
Gustavo Alonso (MNS, INSC Past-Chair)

Standing (Left to Right): Liangzhi Cao (ChNS)
Frank Doyle (CaNS)
Kazuaki Matsui (AESJ)
Florence Lowe-Lee (KNS)
Fred Boyd (CaNS)
Ben Rouben (CaNS)
Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC 1st. Vice-Chair)
Mike Diekman (ANS, INSC Secretariat)
Victor Shian-Shing Shyu (NEST)
Bill Burchill (ANS, INSC 2nd. Vice-Chair)

Also Attending but not in photo: Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ, Corey K. McDaniel (ANS)

INSC Officials

INSC Meeting at ICAPP in Nice, France.
(photo from the May 11, 2011 meeting)

Seated: Jaime Pahissa-Campa, INSC Secretary/Treasurer

Standing, left to right: William E. Burchill, INSC Second Vice Chair;

Bernard F. Jolly, INSC Chair;
Kiyoshi Yamauchi, Atomic Energy Society of Japan

Representative to INSC;
Hisashi Ninokata, INSC 1st Vice Chair;
Gustavo Alonso, INSC Immediate Past Chair

INSC 02-2010 Meeting was held on October 25, 2010 in Cancun, Mexico
The International Nuclear Societies Council's Second Meeting for Year 2010 commemorating its 20th anniversary was held on Monday 25th October 2010, 16:00-19:00 at Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort, Cancun, Mexico in conjunction with the 17th PBNC.

INSC Officials

20th. INSC Anniversary (25 October 2010. Cancún México)

Participant societies represented at the meeting.

American Nuclear Society

Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Australian Nuclear Association
Canadian Nuclear Society
Chinese Nuclear Society
European Nuclear Society
Israel Nuclear Society
Korean Nuclear Society
Latin American Section - ANS
Nuclear Energy Society Taipei, China
Sociedad Nuclear Mexicana

Stanley R. Hatcher received the 2010 INSC Global Award

INSC Award

Stanley R. Hatcher received the 2010 INSC Global Award at the Award Ceremony that took place on 27th October 2010 in Cancun, Mexico in conjunction with the 17th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference 2010.

The INSC Global Award is given on behalf of the Council’s worldwide member nuclear societies for outstanding international efforts in developing nuclear technology use in a sustainable manner for the welfare of society. The efforts of the Global Award recipient are to enhance public health and safety and to protect the environment. [List of Award Recipients]

The text of the Award for Stanley R. Hatcher read as follows:


President, Hatcher & Associates

For his exceptional leadership in the promotion of nuclear technology information sharing with other countries, particularly of CANDU-type reactors, through technical exchanges, technology transfer, training, and by establishing international programs of nuclear cooperation with nuclear professionals and institutions of different countries of the Pacific Rim, Europe, and the Americas.

Cancun, Mexico                          October 27, 2010.

Shown in the photo during the award ceremony are, from left to right, 2009-2010 INSC Chairman Gustavo Alonso, the 2010 Global Award recipient Stanley R. Hatcher, Mexican Nuclear Society President Cecilia Martin del Campo and, Pacific Nuclear Council 2010-2012 President Juan Luis François.

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