• The International Nuclear Society Council (INSC) is an organization made up of Nuclear Societies from all over the world. Member Societies represent more than 80,000 nuclear professionals.
  • INSC acts as a global forum for Nuclear Societies to discuss and establish common aims and goals.
  • INSC represents the views of professionals and workers in the nuclear field through their Nuclear Societies.
  • INSC was founded on 11th November 1990 by the INSG, an international group of Nuclear Societies.
  • INSC holds the Non-Governamental Organization Status of IAEA and UNEP.
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    Recent INSC Meetings

    INSC Meeting

    INSC Meeting 01-2019 July 2, 2019 (During the LAS-ANS Annual Symposium in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Attendees (in picture): Dr. Orpet Peixoto, (INSC Secretary/Treasurer), Fernando Naredo (INSC Chairman), and Ms Marilyn Kray (ANS President).

    Attendees (not in picture): Jaime Pahissa-Campa (LAS-ANS, INSC Past Chair), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS-ANS, INSC Past Chair), Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, INSC Past Chair), and Marta Pahissa-Campa (AATN).

    INSC Meeting

    “Declaration from Nuclear Societies” Signing Ceremony During International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP), May 12-15, 2019 in Juan-Les-Pins, France

    During ICAPP 2019 INSC signed the Nuclear for Climate “Declaration from Nuclear Societies,” which was distributed at the “Tenth Clean Energy Ministerial Conference” held May 27-29, 2019, in Vancouver, Canada. The paper was also widely distributed prior to and during the COP24 Climate Conference held December 2-15, 2019, in Katowice, Poland.

    More than 40 nuclear associations representing over 80,000 scientists called on the Clean Energy Ministerial Conference (CEM), to commit to doubling public investment in nuclear-related R&D and innovation within the next five years. The associations said there should be a specific focus on innovative applications of advanced nuclear systems which can make possible the clean energy mix of the future.

    Investment in nuclear research remained constant at around $4bn annually (at 2014 values) since the year 2000, while in many countries the private sector has been less eager and struggling to invest in nuclear research because of negative political, market, and financial environments.

    However, the nuclear industry is currently undertaking a new wave of innovation related to digitalization, the development of new reactor designs (e.g. Small Modular Reactors, Generation IV reactors), and the introduction of new alternative applications like desalination, district heating, and process heat for industry.

    These projects are expected to open new market opportunities for the use of nuclear power together with other clean energy sources, but they require significant R&D investment and new innovative approaches.

    At the same time, a large proportion of the R&D infrastructure is becoming obsolete and needs to be renewed not only to support the development of this new wave of innovative reactors, but also to produce the radioisotopes needed for the development of nuclear medicine.

    Fernando Naredo, current Chair of the INSC, said: “It is a very significant development that this initiative of the ENS High Scientific Council and the French Nuclear Society (SFEN) has been adopted by so many professional nuclear societies around the world and the International Nuclear Societies Council, because together they represent more than 80,000 scientists and engineers in the nuclear field”.

    A copy of the declaration is provided using the link “Declaration from Nuclear Societies 051319” listed under “Annex – References” on the INSC website homepage.

    INSC Meeting

    Presentation of the INSC Global Award 2018 during INSC 02-2018 Meeting September 19, 2018 (during IAEA General Conference in Vienna, Austria)

    The INSC Global Award 2018 was resented to Dr. Lydia Paredes who represented recipient Juan Eibenschutz, Director-General of Mexico’s National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Safeguards, Mexico. The inscription on the award reads as follows:

    “For his contributions to planning and implementing the Mexican nuclear power programme, improving operational safety, and ensuring the functioning of non-proliferation safeguards in Mexico.”

    Back Row: Poong Hyun SEONG (KNS, INSC 2nd Vice Chair), Shigeaki Okajima (AESJ), Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ, past INSC Chair), Peter Ozemoyah (CNS, INSC Secretary), João J. Furley dos Santos (LAS-ANS Treasurer)

    Front Row: Marta Pahissa-Campa (AATN), Fernando Naredo (ENS, INSC 1st Vice Chair), Lydia Paredes (Director General, Mexico's National Institute for Nuclear Research), Jaime Pahissa-Campa (LAS-ANS, INSC Chair), Jorge Spitalnik (LAS-ANS, Past INSC Chair)

    (No picture available)

    INSC 01-2018 Meeting April 10, 2018 (during ICAPP 2018 in Charlotte, USA)

    Attendees: Peter Ozemoyah (INSC Secretary,CNS), Fernando Naredo (ENS, INSC 1st Vice Chair), William Burchill (ANS, INSC Past Chairman), Mitsuru Uesaka (AESJ Representative), Ling-Huan Chiao (NEST Representative), John Kelly (President, ANS), Jaime Pahissa Campa (INSC Chairman, AATN)

    (No picture available)

    INSC 02-2017 Meeting October 31, 2017 (during ANS Winter Meeting in Washington D.C, USA)

    Attendees: Jaime Pahissa Campa (AATN President), Peter Ozemoyah (CNS Past President), Gustavo Alonso (SNM President), Fernando Naredo (ENS General Secretary, INSC 1st ViceChairman, Hisashi Ninokata (INSC Past Chairman,AESJ Representative), Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ Representative), Valerie Faudon (FNS/ENS) and Lin-Huan Chiao (NEST Representative), William Burchill (INSC Past Chairman, ANS)

    (No picture available)

    INSC 01-2017 Meeting June 20, 2017 (during 2017 Annual Congress of SNM and LAS/ANS in Mexico City, Mexico)

    Attendees: Jaime Pahissa Campà (AATN President), Peter Ozemoyah (CNS Past President), Gustavo Alonso (SNM President), Fernando Naredo (ENS General Secretary), Hisashi Ninokata (AESJ Representative) Kiyoshi Yamauchi (AESJ Representative), Valerie Faudon (FNS/ENS) and Lin-Huan Chiao (NEST representative)

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