Global Award

Global Award

The International Nuclear Societies Council created the GLOBAL AWARD in the desire to promote recognition of noteworthy innovative efforts in the interests of safe and economically responsible peaceful application of nuclear technology.

The INSC GLOBAL AWARD is to honor an individual or program group whose international professional efforts in developing nuclear technology utilization in a sustainable manner for the welfare of society in accordance with the principles of the INSC Global Creed.

1998Hans Blix, Sweden
2000L. Manning Muntzing, USA
2002Takashi Mukaibo, Japan
2004Wang Naiyan, China
2006Jorge Spitalnik, Brazil
2008Bertrand Barré, France
2010Stanley R. Hatcher, Canada
2012Chang Kun Lee, Republic of Korea
2014Richard S. Denning, USA
2016Dame Sue Ion, United Kingdom
2018Juan Eibenschutz, Mexico
2020Shunsuke Kondo, Japan
2022William Donald Magwood IV
2023Sama Bilbao y León