Agreement between INSC & INEA (Annex XIV)



“The International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) is an organization of learned nuclear societies whose interests are in the development and utilization of nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes. The INSC aims to foster ongoing cooperation, communication and exchange of information among the world’s nuclear societies, undertake joint actions and ensure joint representation where necessary.” (Charter, amended November 15, 1992)

And Whereas:

“The purpose of the INEA shall be to conducts studies, discussions, and develop recommendations for the international nuclear community on generic issues relevant to nuclear energy matters. The objective of the INEA is to foster the development and utilization of the peaceful application of nuclear energy in a sage and economic manner throughout the world. INEA, being a learned association, shall keep a scholarship character in all its activities.” (Charter, amended November 16, 1997)


  1. The two organizations recognize their commonality of purpose and agree to cooperate with each other to the fullest extent practicable and coordinate their efforts to achieve their common purposes.
  2. Such cooperation and coordination shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

a) arranging to meet at the same location during the same week to facilitate communication between the two organizations;
b) coordinating the preparation of technical reports in order to draw upon the expertise and networks available to both organizations (ultimately considering the publication of joint reports where appropriate);
c) inviting the Chair or Designate of each organization to attend the meetings of the other as observer.

  1. Both organizations agree to aim towards the establishment of a common secretariat for the purpose of facilitating cooperation and coordination and to achieve better efficiency of operation. In this construct, the INSC and the INEA shall retain their separate organizations, officers, charters and bylaws.
  2. Both organizations agree to aim towards a relationship that will recognize INEA as a separate and independent honour society with similar goals and objectives to those of the INSC, much in the same way that national academies serve in that role for their respective scientific communities. In this construct, exceptional individuals will be nominated to INEA either through the INSC or directly by the INEA membership. INEA members will, of course, retain final authority with regard to acceptance of nominees for membership status.

Memorandum of Understanding
(As approved on 17 November 2002, Washington, D.C. USA)
Areas of Cooperation between INSC and INEA

In accordance with the ‘Joint Protocol Agreement for Cooperation between INSC (International Nuclear Societies Council) and INEA (International Nuclear Energy Academy)’ that was agreed to on 30 September 1999 in Vienna, Austria, INSC and INEA decided to adopt the following procedures to carry out some specific areas of cooperation:

It was agreed that:

  1. To enhance the good relationship between both Parties, INSC will encourage the members of its Nuclear Societies to join INEA as individual members in accordance with the Bylaws of INEA. Candidates will have to be recommended by the INSC Honors and Awards Committee.
  2. Officers of both Parties will meet at least once a year, preferably on the occasion of the meetings of both Parties to be held in the same venue and dates, to follow up the performance of the Agreement of Cooperation between INSC and INEA.
  3. INSC and INEA will exchange information whenever and wherever considered of mutual interest. Each Party may seek participation or comments from members of the other Party on Policy Statements and Technical Reports with due acknowledgment of relevant contributions.
  4. INSC and INEA will continue to identify further areas of mutual cooperation to increase the scope of this Memorandum of Understanding.

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