Bylaws, Rules, Global Creed & Past Public Statements

Bylaws, Rules, Global Creed & Past Public Statements

Annex I and Annex II contain the INSC Bylaws and Rules that are currently in force. Annex III is a Guideline approved by the Council.

Annex IV contains the Global Creed approved by INSC for adoption by Member Societies. The list of Member Societies having adopted it is included in the Annex. 

Annex V and Annex VI show statements made public by the Council on matters regarding Nuclear Energy Role in 21st Century Development and Illegal Trade of Fissile Materials. 

The Council accepted the Declaration on Nuclear Energy and Sustainable Development shown in Annex VII

In connection with the 50th Anniversary of the A-bomb and the NPT Extension Conference, the Council made a statement expressing INSC hope for nuclear energy to be utilized exclusively for peaceful uses. The statement refers to the INSC Global Creed prescribing the promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear energy (Annex VIII). 

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