First INSC-UNU-AESJ Seminar

INSC-UNU-AESJ Seminar Held in Tokyo on 24 April
A new INSC program is the performance of Annual Seminars for University students in countries where INSC meets. These Seminars, to be carried out between INSC and the United Nations University (UNU), would be initially devoted to issues related to the contribution of the different energy options to sustainable development, environment protection and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as sustainable energy issues in developing countries.

The first Science Seminar on “Energy and Environment” was held on 24 April 2004 14:00~16:30 at the Elizabeth Rose Hall of United Nations University in Tokyo. (Photo below) It is co-sponsored by INSC, UNU, Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) and the Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER).

The following lectures were delivered:

“Energy and Environment: Issues and UNU’s Role” (UNU: Prof. Itaru Yasui)
“Energy Demand in Developing Countries”(INSC: Jorge Spitalnik)
“Role of Nuclear Energy for Environmental Protection” (AESJ/JSER: Prof. Yoji Uchiyama).

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