INSC Organization

INSC Organization

Nuclear Societies members of the International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC) have been grouped in five geographical regions: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America and At-Large (representing the other regions of the world). 

Each region has six seats in the Council, where national and regional Nuclear Societies, or Federations of Nuclear Societies, are represented. Within a region, the number of seats has been allocated by agreement among the Member Societies of the region. 

As of 31st May 1996, the membership of the Council is as follows:

RegionMember SocietyNumber of Seats
Asia PacificAtomic Energy Society of Japan2
Australian Nuclear Association1
Korean Nuclear Society1
Nuclear Energy Society, Taipei1
Chinese Nuclear Society1*
EuropeEuropean Nuclear Society6
Latin AmericaAmerica Latin American Section of ANS3
Argentinian Association of Nuclear Technology1
Brazilian Association of Nuclear Energy1
Mexican Nuclear Society1
American Nuclear Society4
Canadian Nuclear Society2
At-LargeIsrael Nuclear Society1
Pakistan Nuclear Society1
Indian Nuclear Society1
Egyptian Society of Nuclear Science and Applications1
Nuclear Society of Thailand1
Women in Nuclear-Global**1
T O T A L30

*Chinese Nuclear Society is a chartered member of INSC but as of April 2022 has not signed the Charter yet

**From 2020 Women in Nuclear-Global became a member of INSC

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