Membership Guidelines (Annex III)


(Approved October 2, 1994)

Members of INSC shall comply with the “Criteria for Membership” as approved in INSC Meeting 02-91 of 10 November 1991.

A Nuclear Society Member can be either a National or an International Organization within a region as defined by the INSC Bylaws.

A Section, a Branch or any other subdivision of a Nuclear Society Member, may not become a member of INSC if its geographical jurisdiction lies in the same region of the Society Member.

INSC Charter organizations are members of INSC in their own right.

A Federation of Nuclear Societies may become a member of INSC if the geographical area covered by the Federation lies within a region as defined in the INSC Bylaws. Member societies of a INSC Federation Member may not become individual members of INSC. With the exception of Charter organizations as stated in item 4, Nuclear Societies that were individual Members of INSC prior to the INSC membership of a Federation of Nuclear Socities, shall lose their INSC Member condition upon joining such Federation.

The distribution of unoccupied seats in a given region shall be agreed upon by the Members of such region, provided that at least each Member of the region has one seat. If agreement cannot be reached by consensus of the members of the region, INSC shall distribute the unoccupied seats among the members of the region by majority vote of the Council, upon proposal submitted by the INSC Officers. In this case, seats allocated by the Council shall be vacated as soon as the application by a new Nuclear Society of the region is approved.

INSC Member Societies in the “at-large” region can apply for the creation of a new region, provided they belong to a determined geographical area. A minimum of three “at-large” members are required for such an application be considered by the INSC Chairman. The Council shall approve by majority vote a proposal on this matter put up by the INSC Officers. Under this situation, during a two years period, item 6 above shall not apply for the completion of unoccupied seats in the newly created region.

Additional provision

(Approved October 29, 1995)

(To be applied in cases not foreseen in previous paragraphs 1 to 7 and not to modify the status of vote rights of October 1995).

  1. More than one national nuclear society within the same country may become an INSC Society Member provided that the new member(s) is(are) admitted in the “at-large” region if no vacant seat(s) is(are) available within the geographical region being considered. To reflect the position of the majority of their combined membership, INSC Member Societies of the same country shall reach previous agreement to have a common position on INSC voting issues subject to the rule that the country in question must be represented by just one vote in the Council..

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