Message from Chairs

Message from Chair Lee

Chairman Lee’s Message

At the threshold of the 21st century and on the inceptive arena of this third millennium, International Nuclear Societies Council is entering its second decade from the birth on the solid basis that has been laid out by our predecessors hitherto.

History has witnessed how well INSC played its role during the last decade of the last century in delivering major policy overtures to the world nuclear community and also demonstrated a melting pot’s function by having melted different views into constructive & prophetic recommendations bearing a long-term objective in mind to save this planet Earth.

When homogeneous individuals try to achieve a set of heterogeneous objective, active cooperation is called for. However, in case heterogeneous societies attempt to attain a set of homogeneous unified goal, more than simple cooperation is required, and strong coordination is a key to success in the course of work. In this context, your active cooperation together with positive coordination is truly appreciated.

We are very pleased to acknowledge the efforts and performances of the Council representatives, the Task Group participants and committee members who have voluntarily rendered their time and endeavors for raising the INSC banner high. Together with your efforts, I dare say that the nuclear renaissance is not a too distant dream. Your continued support and engagement will be most appreciated. Thank you very much.

Chang Kun Lee

INSC Chair 2001-2002

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