Declaration – Nuclear Science/Technology for Sustainable Development (Annex VII)


on behalf of the Nuclear Scientists and Technologists of the World

as presented by their leadership in International Nuclear Societies – 1994

The continued growth of the world population and the need to achieve an acceptable and equitable global quality of life is placing great pressures on the world’s natural resources of energy, air, water, land and biota. We, the undersigned, are fully supportive of the concept of global sustainable development.

We believe that, as citizens, it is essential also to address the sustainable development of the wold’s resources from a global perspective in terms of energy supply.

We believe that all energy sources: nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, solar, wind, and others, will be needed to meet the energy requirements for the increasing world population.

We believe that energy should be derived from a variety of sources depending upon the application and the location of the need; that the source should be selected on the basis of rational assessment of the use of resources, the effect on the environment, and the economic considerations. We believe that such an assessment would lead naturally to the inclusion of nuclear power as part of the mix of energy supply sources.

We believe that the separation of fission product waste, and the recycle of remaining energy resources, from ‘spent’ nuclear fuel is an option that can be considered in reducing high-level waste and in managing resources.

We believe also that, beyond sustainable energy production, the use of radiation in medecine, manufacturing processes, agriculture, transport, scientific research, and food production, offers the ability to significantly improve the quality of life while reducing adverse effects on the environment and preserving valuable resources.

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