Illegal Trade of Fissile Materials (Annex VI)


(October 2,1994)

The International Nuclear Society Council (INSC) is an organization whose member societies represent more than 50,000 nuclear professionals around the world and is dedicated to the principle that the nuclear professional has an overall responsibility for nuclear safety. Therefore, the Council is alert to any lapse in the global nuclear safety structure. In that respect, the INSC is most concerned about the apparent breakdown in security measures that has resulted in the recent uncontrolled availability of fissile materials.

The Council views a correction of this problem to be of paramount urgency. It is encouraged to see the rapid reaction of involved governments and international agencies in apprehending the material. Furthermore, the INSC recognizes immediate international efforts to correct the breach of security.

The Council stresses the significance of nuclear materials control and urges governments to pay serious attention to the management of fissile materials and the importance of the responsibilities resting on the individuals involved in such management.

The Council further recommends to its member societies that they should stress to the relevant authorities the need to discourage unethical actions leading to unauthorized transfer of fissile materials.

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